Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Siddehehs Jaitapkar, SEO manager, on the exhibitor floor at SES London 2011. Freshrank excels at link-building, social media optimization (including use of Facebook and twitter), reputation management, video marketing, and all purpose SEO. Freshrank? is dedicated to providing the best SEO services in the UK and India. Freshrank offers its clients years of experience and expertise in the optimization of websites. Freshrank has assisted more than 5000 clients and can provide any client with SEO services to enable you to achieve top search engine rankings. Freshrank practices only ethical search engine optimization methods and to date has never had a website excluded from a search engine or blacklisted. Freshrank’s impeccable customer service and support are among the main reasons for its continued success. Each of the SEO services we offer come complete with a full customer satisfaction guarantee as well as a 24×7 customer service support model that is second to none. Freshrank’s motto remains “Quality before Quantity.” To learn more, please visit:

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