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Facebook Is Getting Into the News Business
Facebook has a war on its hands, and Mark Zuckerberg knows it. Practically overnight, Google+ has gone from a rumor to a thriving community with over 10 million members. With some 700 million members of its own, Facebook is thinking less and less about how to grow that number and more about how to get current users to live more of their lives within its virtual walls. One answer it has come up …
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Five Best Social Media Practices for Small Businesses
When it comes to social media, the market is quickly becoming saturated. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, foursquare, LinkedIn, QR codes, mobile apps, blogs – and now even, Google+. So, it’s no wonder some entrepreneurs feel inundated with all of the social media platforms .
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Google social net is about preserving leadership
share: digg facebook twitter Rather, Google’s new social-networking endeavor is about trying to gain valuable insights into people’s lives and relationships. If it succeeds, Plus represents Google’s best shot yet at muscling into a market that has threatened to topple the Internet search and advertising leader, as Facebook leads the way in making the online world social. A prominent feature …

Getting Social Security Disability: Your 9 Step Individual Action Plan
Written by an ex Disability Claims Examiner, Getting Social Security Disability: Your 9 Step Plan helps you get a fast and accurate decision on your claim! Learn to describe your disability using SSA’s language of function, check claim status and more…
Getting Social Security Disability: Your 9 Step Individual Action Plan

Kelsi of MyWants TV quickly reviews Facebook ads and tells you how you can get worth for free.

Getting started in business
AL ZAGOFSKY/SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS Structural Metal Fabricators of Palmerton modified truck to operate on railroad tracks. Guy Seifert, owner of Structural Metal Fabricators spoke on how he operates his business at The Realities of Entrepreneurship and Getting Started workshop.
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Letter: National plan needed for new entrepreneurs
THE 2010 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report is disappointing to all those who believe in a more entrepreneurial Scotland. We have a choice. Do we drop back into the popula
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This video explores the benefits of AdWords and goes through step-by-step instructions on how to create your first campaign.
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